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Four Reasons Why Privacy Issues Should Not Negatively Impact Customer Experience

My following blog has been published on the blog of the Bank Innovators Council on the 19th of December.

Edward Snowden, Facebook settings and the NSA have all contributed to the global debate around privacy, in particular around the gathering of personal data without user consent. While media exposure has increased public awareness on this topic, a similar debate is taking place within the corporate environment.

In this blog post, I focus on financial services firms. They store a large amount of personal data within their systems. Think about passport copies; account information; a customer’s health situation.


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New Country Other Developments?


Recently arrived in Sydney (Australia), from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) I would like to continue doing what I did in the past: Sharing thoughts, insights and developments in the Financial Services industry and the Wealth Management industry in particular. Not limited to any geographical boundaries (which boundaries?) with regards to relevance of the subjects of course.

I will only share from personal interest point of view. But feel free to comment or request my view on other subjects as well.

So far so good in Australia. A well developed country, but one of its own kinds. The weather used to be better and the mood to be more relaxed. Is that why some developments are of a view years behind from the place where I grew-up?

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